Monday, September 13, 2010

Felt food tutorial #1 - Felt pizza

Thin crust pepperoni pizza is Peanut's favorite so the felt thin crust pepperoni pizza was born! This was super easy once I made the pattern. I hand stitched all of my felt foods but you can machine them as well. I used a straight stitch on the sauce and cheese. A whip stitch for the outside of the crust (wish I had done a blanket stitch though) and just spot tacked the pepperoni. I really like the portability of this project. I packed all of my supplies into a container and can take them with me while I wait in line for my son to get out of school or take it as far as the couch to be with the family during TV time! Do you want one? Okay then let's do this!

You'll need:
Pizza pattern This is my first PDF so if it doesn't work for you email me and I'll send it to you!
Felt for cheese(buttermilk color), crust (beige), sauce (maroon), pepperoni (scarlet)
Coordinating embroirdery floss
Center stabilizer- most people use cardboard but I have this hard felt I bought at Joann's over a year ago and I like it better. (I have a 2 year old, things get wet unexpectedly. Like when they take them to the real sink!)
Also I added velcro to the back of the bottom crust because I have a pizza pan project slated for the near future.

First print and cut out all of your pattern pieces, four of all except the pepperoni, I made four per slice so 16 total.

At this point I added the velcro to the back of the bottom piece.

Now, I've tried many different combinations for building the pizza and this is what worked the best.

Sew the sauce onto the back of the cheese like this...

Now sew the edge crust onto the back of the sauce like this...

Now sew on the pepperonis like this...

Now sew bottom crust onto the front like this...

Slide the stabilzer piece in like this...

Finish sewing the rest of the way around. And you now have a playful pepperoni pizza! You can make just one, but I know you'll want three more so you can share your pizza... I mean so the kids can share their pizza!

If you like this one just wait until I put up my tutorial for the cutest cupcakes!! See you soon!

So far this has been shared at The Girl Creative Party Blog

As with all of my projects, I have designed them for my family and love to share with you so you can have them for your families as well. All projects, patterns and directions are meant for your personal use and neither the patterns nor completed projects are to be used for monetary gain.

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  1. This is great! Love that it was all hand stitched. Can't wait to see the cupcakes!