Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in my bag?


So, Roo over at Nice Girl Notes is hosting a "What's in your bag" party. Essentially we all seem to be nosy-neighbors and l-o-v-e to see what the rest of the world carries with them. So here is a party where we can all share and feel free to be our-nosy-selves! So here is what is in my bag!

1.) Notebook- because I don't like to write on scrapes, I misplace them.
2.) Hand Sanitizer
3.) Headband- because I have bangs that I don't like every other day.
4.) Pile of coupons- oh yeah, that's how they are thrown in there!
5.) Tinkerbell sunglasses for Peanut
6.) On-the-go water packets
7.) My cell phone
8.) My camera and the case I made for it.
9.) My wallet that holds all of my cards, plus two pens, my check book and register.
10.) My keys that technically hold more key chains than keys.
11.) Two granola bars- to keep hungry kids happy.
12.) Fruity gum to stay awake.
13.) Minty gum to freshen.
14.) Hair brush
15.) Baby wipes
16.) Two extra diapers (Roo, I'm looking into those Diaper Buds BTW!)
17.) Pile of receipts that would usually be in my wallet.

And wow, I didn't realize how much flowery stuff I had in there until I laid it all out!
Now head on over, dump that bag and link up with us!!


  1. your phone is cute! Love the & Tinkerbell glasses are adorable! I love how everything is matchy! nothing matched in my bag lol

  2. You will LOVE the diaper buds. Use bud10 for 10% off, and free shipping going on til October 9th. ;) Um, and if you do buy some, do me a favor and tell them I sent you, haha.

    Okay... I love that you have two different types of gum. Cute notebook - is that from Target?

    What is that brown floral thing in the middle? Is that your wallet?

  3. The notebook is from Target. And yep, that's my wallet. It was a sewing project that ended up a slight fail but it was the best out of 3 that I made!