Monday, April 25, 2011

Been gone awhile

               So after being gone awhile, it's time to get back into my routine! For 2 weeks I was with my son's kindergarten class while they took their Water Safety class at a local pool. It was great to get to do that with him! It was exhausting though! My days would start at 6:45am and end at 2am. And in the midst of all that we also had an egg hunt with over 800 eggs that the other mom's and I had filled. So blogging went on the back burner for a bit.
               Now that I'm back I'll be getting some new tutorials up, maybe doing a little writing, and starting a new challenge. Angel over at Heart, Hands, Home is committed to feeding her family (of 5) for $300 a month. This was amazing to me! I was a stay at home mom when I had my son and for his first 2 years. But at one point finances didn't permit it. For about 2 years I had to work, through my pregnancy with my daughter and for almost 2 years after. Since August I have been blessed enough to get to return to running my home full time. But for some reason I've had a hard time finding my inner Homemaker again. Mostly I've been having a hard time getting back on track with my grocery budget. We are a single income family as well. Right now we usually spend about $100 to $125 a week and this is a great stresser for me. I know I can do so much better, I used to be able to, and I know I can get it back again. I mean, just look at Angel! If she can feed a growing family with teens for under $300 a month I know I can too! So I'm joining this challenge starting Friday. Here goes nothing!

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