Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Cake!!!!

               As you probably already know, Saturday is Doodle Bug's 6th birthday. For some reason or another I've always had an inward struggle with myself about buying birthday cakes. Be it a money factor or contents or hassle, I've always hated buying sheet cakes! I've only bought 3 out of 7 for my kids birthdays. As of Saturday though it'll be 3 out of 8! Even better, right?
               My goal is to not buy a sheet cake ever again. One thing that will make that hard is the fact that our school has a strict "no homemade baked goods to be destributed" rule. Not only does that mean my dreams of a school bake sale are dashed but that I can't make my kids birthday treats for the class. This was a huge blow to me when Doodle Bug started school because to me being "that mom" was a right of passage that I would have to do without. I found other ways though to be "that mom". I sew, make, and June Cleaver my way into as much as possible! I may not be able to bake but at least I can still sew, craft, read, chaperone, and plain just be there and that's a great deal in my book!
               Anyway, back on track! Doodle Bug gets 2 days of birthday celebration. One at school in which we did have to get something store bought. We chose cupcakes. For his birthday at home with the family he wanted his standard vanilla cake, but when we pulled out the cook books he ended up picking a coconut sponge cake! He had also wanted pizza from a pizza place but he and I decided over dinner Wednesday night that we wanted to make our own instead. How awesome is this boy? He is really taking well to my transitioning us to a healthier life! I know your probably saying, "What's healthy about pizza and cake?" Well, it's better because there are no preservatives, I know EXACTLY wants in it, no strangers have touched it, and I save money which is a great stress reliever and stress is not good for your health!

 Here is a list of the cakes from birthday's past!
DB's 1st: Fish themed Carrot cake-homemade
DB's 2nd: Blues Clues- store bought
DB's 3rd: Pixar's Cars cupcake cake-store bought
DB's 4th: Fire trucks, vanilla cake-homemade
P's 1st: My Little Pony-bought
DB's 5th: Hot Wheels, vanilla cake-homemade
P's 2nd: Big Cupcake, rainbow cake-homemade

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