Friday, January 7, 2011

Kids Valentine's Cards with the Cricut

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Usually I like to post projects anyone can do, but this one is geared for Cricut owners. Since I'm very new to my Cricut I'm pretty well satisfied at this project because I created it all on my own! It turned out so cute I couldn't help but share it. I'm not sure how many of you have a Cricut or have access to a friends maybe but I really need to share this one! It could also be done with some stamps, scissors and a lot of patience.
Mine is the Cricut Personal cutter which takes 12x6 paper.

You'll need:
George and basic shapes cartridge it came with
Colored card stock
Cricut Color Ink markers to match paper
Heart shaped hole punch
Letter stamps and black ink pad
Clear tape

To start load your paper and set your Cricut up to draw the hearts first. (Insert ink marker and set to the markers settings, which are Speed-3, and Pressure-2.) Set the size to 1.

Enter the heart icon. I use the fat heart, it's prettier! 9 hearts will make one line. You can max out the number of hearts on the display or enter 9 of them. I prefer to enter just the 9. Press cut. Note: I like to do the 9 because when the first line is done and you press the repeat last button it goes right back to the beginning of the paper and over. Once you get to the last line you don't have to count how many more you need to finish the last line!

When the line is done do not unload paper, hit the 'Repeat Last' button and then cut. This will create the second line. Continue with this until you have 5 lines of hearts, then unload the paper.

Next, set your Cricut to cut. (Remove you marker. I forgot this the first time! Insert your cutting blade and return your cutting settings. I used Speed-3 and Pressure-5.) Set the cutting size to 2 1/2. 6 hearts will use up the paper so enter 6 hearts on your display and press cut.

Unload paper and remove your hearts from the cutting mat. Now give your precious machine a break, she worked hard for you!

Use a heart hole punch to make a punch out in one corner and another at the bottom.

Stamp different sentiments on the front of the cards and the 'from' on the back (opposite corner of punches).

Stick a lollie through the hole and and tape the stick to the back.

And there you are, cute as a button little Valentines cards for your kid to proudly give at school or to family and friends!

As with all of my projects, I have designed them for my family and love to share with you so you can have them for your families as well. All projects, patterns and directions are meant for your personal use and neither the patterns nor completed projects are to be used for monetary gain.


  1. thanks for this! I've had my cricut personal for ages and never thought of anything like this, all i ever cut is simple shapes & letters lol
    need to invest in the markers for it though they look cool.
    Leigh x

  2. Thanks for posting and sharing. We are making these valentines for my kids to take to school. Instead of sentiments we are using face stamps from Peechy Keen. Cute idea you had.