Thursday, August 5, 2010

The cuteness from "within"

This morning my kids were playing in my son's room. I had no idea what they were doing but they were playing nicely and it was quite! After a while my son comes out and hands me this...
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What is inside?
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And what does he say? "Here, Mommy. I want to give you my heart." Awwww!! "I took it out for you, but I'm not dead." Wow. This from a 5 year old? I think maybe he's just the cutest thing I've even seen!
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Now, seeing as this is my first ever post, welcome to Handmade Happiness. Handmade Happiness is a blog about crafts, sewing, kids, family and my boring everyday life. Also I'll be attempting my first tutorial soon. I'm always crafting for my kids, and sometimes myself but my dear hubby usually gets left out so it'll be a sewing project for the men in your lives!

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