Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to make flower ribbon barettes

Okay, so the flower I made for this barrette is the biggest one I've made. Generally I make the smaller ones. So for those who would like a bigger flower I'll give the measurements for both. You could also make a different size to your liking by just making the ribbon cuts larger or smaller.

You will need:
Hot Glue
Hair clip with center opening
Decorative button top
2- 24 inch weaving ribbons in two different colors
*If your making the small flower
5- 3 inch ribbons for outer petals
5- 2 inch ribbons for inner petals
*Or if your making the large flower
5- 5 inch ribbons for outer petals
5- 3 inch ribbons for inner petals

First, lets make the flower. Take the first ribbon for the outer petals, loop it and glue together at tips

Do the same with the second petal. Glue that petal to the first petal at the tips.

Continue with remaining petals.

Once all 5 petals are on it should look like this.

Now for the inner flower. Do the same loop and glue method and you should end up with this.

Now glue inner flower into outer flower.

Cut or break off the back of your decorative button so you just have the top.

Glue it to the center of the inner flower. You should now have this.

Set flower aside and lets start the weaving.

Melt or glue one end of your weaving ribbons together. Your going to need to pretend like these two ribbons are one with different colored sides.

Glue the other ends to the back of the clip at the open tip. (This I did wrong and glued to the front so unfortunately my raw edge and glue show just a bit.)

Now to weave. Bring both ribbons around to the front and through the center opening and back out around the outside. Continue weaving back and forth like so- through the center, around the outer, through the center, around the outer.
Make sure you keep the ribbons straight so your colors are correct.

Weave tightly, pushing ribbon up towards the tip so it'll be as tight as possible when your done.

Once you reach the end where you can no longer fit the ribbons through the opening anymore, wrap around to the back and glue. Now wrap around to the front and glue. Now once more to the back and glue. You should now have a little tail you can keep and singe the ends. You could even sting some beads or cut it off all together.

Now grab your flower and glue to end of barrette and your ready to accessorize that special little miss in your life!

Hope you enjoyed this one! Have a great weekend!

I shared this tutorial on BCD 125

As with all of my projects, I have designed them for my family and love to share with you so you can have them for your families as well. All projects, patterns and directions are meant for your personal use and neither the patterns nor completed projects are to be used for monetary gain.

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  1. Oh, how pretty! Thanks for the tut! Have to make some for my neices!!