Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, yeah! I made a quilt!

Well almost! I still need to do the binding but then it's all done! I know, I know, I always said I wouldn't make a quilt. I thought they were too much and that I would lose interest. But one night when I peeked in on my little Peanut sleeping in her Disney Princess sleeping bag I just really felt like she needed a quilt. Within an hour I had the fabrics all picked out and the first 3 dozen squares cut out! (This was a Monday night) By Wednesday I had all of the piecing done. It's laid out on our queen size bed and as you can see it's pretty big so she can use it for a long time. (One can only hope forever!)

By Saturday night I had the whole sandwich put together.
By Monday night I had all the ties done. I like the ties simplicity plus felt more confident about doing them. I'm really glad I made that choice because even though the quilt is to be a birthday present, Peanut has seen and touched it and she loves the feel of the ties. (If you left click the picture you can see the ties better.)

It did sit on top of my "to finish" pile for a bit, but that was just because I knew I wanted to hand embroider her name and I didn't have a hoop yet!

And just because I'm so proud of the embroirerey, after learning how to do back stitch properly, here's another picture!!

It's far from perfect and some of the seams... okay, a lot of the seams don't line up but I'm super proud! And, yes, I will be making more quilts!

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