Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Okay, so this is what's going to happen... I'm going to ramble!

          I'm not sure if you noticed but I missed posting on Monday. I generally post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I took Monday off because Doodle Bug had it off too. I did want to post about the project I'm working on but that was when I thought I would have it done! I figured I would go to WallyWorld to get a better, more mint colored, embroidery floss and wouldn't you know they didn't have ANY! Really, none at all! I must say I really miss when they had a bigger craft section. I should count my fortunes though and be glad that my WallyWorld is only 2 blocks away and does still have some crafts and fabrics. I didn't want to go over to the other side of town to JoAnn's or Michael's so I made do. Keep in mind this was after putting off working on the project for about 36 hours! Then, it was supposed to be done by today so Doodle Bug could use it... again nope. So now my 'you-must-have-this-done-Amber' deadline is Friday morning. This means there is no foreseen reason I won't be able to post it Friday, right?
          On another note, our AC is croaking and we probably won't be able to fix/replace it until the end of next month! This probably seems like a big fat PPFFTT to most of you right now because you probably have snow. We on the other hand have humid stickiness, which normally is counteracted with what else but a trusty AC unit. And ours is on her last leg it seems. This is making my house hot, and miserable. I'm now asking myself why is this a problem for me? I grew up without AC. We would open all the windows on both floors of the house, pop the screens in and my dad would methodically position certain fans in certain windows to pull air in from here and push air out from there. Then after moving to Florida I've had AC ever since. The first place Hubby and I had was cooled with two window units, one of which had been installed in the wall! But, wow, how cold Hubby kept it in there was astounding! Hubby usually likes it  around 72. I usually like it around 77. I try to keep the thermostat at 74 to compromise while Hubby is home and turn it up to 77 while he's at work. But now no one is happy because the thermostat currently reads 81. Even with all of our fans going and the screened windows open, the air still feels 'used'. It's not comfortable but I don't think the kids even realize anything is different! So again, why am I so dependent on artificially cooled air? At least the kids are happy, and maybe I can sweat off some pounds!
          See you Friday with a new crafty post!

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