Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Social networking hates me

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               Okay, I am not a big fan of all of these social networking sites! Back in the 90's I was on ICQ and had my little circle of people I actually knew and wanted to talk to. In the new millennium I was on MySpace for a bit, again with my small circle of friends. Now I'm supposed to be on all these different sites and keep them updated hourly if not daily? I have a Facebook page I hardly ever log in to, and no one I actually know on there. I'm on Twitter and last updated it January 28th! If anyone wants to get a hold of me they can just leave a comment on here, which I check about every other day or email me which comes straight to my phone and I'll get back to you almost immediately. Life is busy enough without have to log in to a dozen different sites to update my status every time the wind blows different! But I digress, if you want to find me on:
Facebook- Amber Bennett
Twitter- AmberAtHH
               As much as I really would love to be like Roo at Nice Girl Notes and have all of them match neatly only my email does! When I went to subscribe to Twitter, HandmadeHappiness had too many letters. With Facebook I didn't know to put it in place of my actual name. So I am online as I am in real life, a big happy mess of eclectic-ness!
               I have yet to figure out how to make buttons that when clicked will take you to my Facebook and Twitter pages. Also I still have to make a new Handmade Happiness button. I am cheap frugal and don't have any special software except the scrapbook program that came with my printer and I don't want to pay someone to create for me so I'll be working on that for a bit. Wish me luck, or better yet tell me what the heck I need to do!!


  1. Amber, I wish I could help you with the social media stuff. I'd be in the same boat as you if I didn't have such a technologically savvy hubby that got me all set up on my blog, facebook fan page and twitter. I will say there is something effective with using social media to gain more traffic and followers.


  2. I am curious about this it easier to use than bloggymoms? also, they seem a little competetive on bloggy moms...perhaps i am just a bit intimidated b/c i am new to the site. I joined to get more traffic to my blog here on blog spot and it worked. But, I digress...hope you have a good day!