Monday, July 4, 2011

Let me be your french fry!

               You know when you order onion rings and every now and again your munching along and BAM! French fry! Or maybe your a french fry person and every now and then you end up with an onion ring, either way... yeah, well, okay. You with me still, okay, moving on! I want to be your french fry (or onion ring, whatever). Let me explain. When I grow up I want to be a Craft Blogger. I want to be a big fish. I want to be one of those bloggers that companies send things to because they know it'll get the word out. I'm working on it. I do everything I'm told I need to do to be successful, I try to add my own personality. Sometimes my creative juice runs low though and then my content kinda lacks though. Gotta change that!
               Anyway, I hang out around other blogs a lot, Totally Tutorials is one of my favorites. I check it at least twice a day and have submitted a few of my projects. Since I do check it often, I don't miss enough to scroll down very far. Saturday, however, I did and I found this link and the author of Totally Tutorials saying they mention some of our tutorials. Following the link and getting way down to the description of Totally Tutorials I find my Christmas Card Gift box tutorial is listed as one of the favorites! Ha, awesome! I love it when this happens. I'm just around some random corner of cyberspace and voila, there is a little piece of me there! 

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