Monday, July 25, 2011


               Since money is nonexistent tight right now I have been encouraged to take on the projects and try the ideas I have for the items I already own. This led me to my yarn stash. It's not the largest of my stashes but does take up a considerable amount of space on one of my box shelves and the back of one drawer! Now I own knitting needles and crochet hooks but I don't knit and I don't crochet! I've tried both but get frustrated and push it aside. Hubby can crochet though which is pretty cool! One day I swear I'll learn one or both!
               Awhile back I bought one of those kits for kids that has a little loom and loops to make pot holders. My sister had one when we were growing up but I never figured out how to use it since the instruction sheet was gone. So after I made 3 potholders (and subsequently gave Peanut for her play kitchen) I never ordered or even check the craft stores for more loops. I just set the loom aside and went on with my life. Until recently when I started to feel claustrophobic in my craft space and felt like I needed to use things up to regain some of my creative space. I started to wonder if I could weave on the loom with the yarn I had accumulated. And seeing as I was up at 4:57 for some ungodly reason this morning I gave my idea a try! This is what I ended up with.

               I'm going to throw it in with the next wash and see how it comes out. I'm not sure what the yarn is made out of but it is really soft and I'm thinking it may make a good face cloth or something. As soon as Peanut sees it though, I'm sure she'll want it. It does match her room perfectly!

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