Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in Action

                Doodle Bug started first grade today. We had a lot of family time this summer. Now that school is back in, I’ll be able to regain my every other day blog schedule hopefully. Crafting and sewing went by the wayside for a bit too. I went days without even touching my machines or computer!
We started off summer with a shaving cream mess and ended with another one. 

The second was better because we also played in the sprinkler and Hubby made a homemade slip n slide! PS my kids don’t know how to slide! But they both had a blast none the less. 

Here are a couple of things I’ve made this summer as well.

I made Peanut this little outfit from left over fabric from one of her birthday gifts. I used an old 18 month onesie that was kind of masculine and had a funny shape. Cut off the bottom, serged the edge and the sleeves and appliqued on some of the trains from the fabric. I gave the waist band a little ruffle at the top by sewing a line across the top of the elastic casing before I put the elastic in. It turned out so cute! And my little GIRL Thomas fan gets something just for her! Have you ever tried finding stuff for girls with Thomas? It’s not happening! Which is totally irritating because my little fairy princess likes a whole range of things! Also, boycotting Party City because Thomas the Tank Engine is apparently just for boys! Rant over, moving on!

A bag I made for myself!

PUL envelope I made to carry Peanut’s WIC vouchers because the paper one they give you is just horrible!
Peanut’s 3rd birthday is coming up soon and maybe I’ll be able to get blogging some of the projects.

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