Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet my Monsters!

So here they are. These are my monsters! There's the Hubby of course, who works like mad so I can be a stay at home mom. We met at a dog park in December 2002, and we got married on January 1, 2004 the anniversary of our first date.

Jordan came along April 2005 after a miscarriage. He's in Kindergarten and is an awesome little trooper! He likes Lightning McQueen, building things and doing almost anything you can dream up. He's daddy's little right hand man, and mommy's little helper. Just don't ask him to squish a spider!

Marley came September 2008 after another miscarriage. She was stubborn, we had to induce because she didn't want to come! She's been stubborn ever since. You say crawl, she scoots, you say sit, she stands. But she's a big 'fraidy cat! So I get extra lovin' when daddy runs the shop vac, or a power tool, or if she sees a bug, or the Big Foot toy they have at Target! Her and I didn't bond very well at first but now she's got a tether to my hip (which I attribute to our baby wearing)and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Jet is a little black beauty, she's 5. Rain is 1 and our little miracle kitty. Hubby found him abandoned in the back of an old pickup truck. His eyes were still closed. We brought him home and hand raised him. To our surprise he turned out to be a Russian Blue mix. I just hope the rest of his kitty family is doing as well as him.

Seeing as I'm always the one behind the camera, I didn't put myself on here. But I'm pretty sure along the way you can figure me out!

Now about my babies "exception", they both have Apraxia of Speech. Hubby had it too. Any other children we may have have a 50/50 chance as well. In a nut shell they know what they want to say but their brains can't send the right signals to the muscles in their jaw, tongue and mouth to form the words properly. This had held Doodle Bug back a bit as people don't usually understand him and we sometimes even have trouble with it. He's still learning his alphabet and the sounds they make but he is growing his vocabulary and mind by leaps and bounds! He actually got the Most Improved award for his class because his teacher has never seen someone come as far as he has in 7 weeks! Peanut on the other hand still refuses to call me mama, everyone is dada to her. She will also only say hi, hot, ah and yea. Anything else she doesn't feel comfortable with trying yet. Doodle Bug didn't really find his words until right after his 4th birthday, Hubby didn't really start talking until he was five so we know Peanut will catch up eventually, it'll just be a long road. But I know my babies can do it!

So that's my family! Hope you enjoyed meeting my monsters!

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