Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trying to reason with hurrican season

So as I've said already, we live in South Florida. Right where every hurricane or none of them will hit! When they do get us we're generally without power for a few days. Now this isn't just for people in hurricane paths. It's for anyone really, because anyone can loss power. Right after Peanut was born, while we lived in Ohio, a freak wind storm hit and we were out of power for 4 days! But anyway, when we're without power the biggest thing is keeping the kids busy. It usually gets too hot inside without AC or fans so playing outside is the go-to. We live in the city, you walk out our front door and there is about 10 feet between door and parking spaces. (We are fortunate enough to have a side yard and a few patios though.)
My poor front patio is a work in progress. We're still battling all of the bland and stupid the previous owners inflicted on the whole property.

So small is key here. And portable. So I made these.

And these.

To go with this.

It's really simple; bean bags, an old coffee container and some sidewalk chalk keep kids busy for an amazing amount of time! And once they get bored with the game they always find new ways to utilize the bean bags and sidewalk chalk!

All I do is place the container in the center of three circles (sometimes a little duct tape is needed for those 'Iron Man' throws). The outer circle being 1 point, the second being 2 points and the third being 3 points. The container is 4 points.

Draw a Stand Behind line about 5 feet away for the younger kids, for older kids you can push it back more. Now let 'em fly!

You can even keep track of the score in a little box off to the side!

This makes a good party game too! Have fun!

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