Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moments like this...

Okay, so I made myself a goal for my blog. Be consistant. So I told myself I would write a new post every other day as long as family permits. I'm really thinking about changing to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays though. Anyway, since I haven't been feeling well, I have been away from my craft corner but have been getting some prime cuddle time with Peanut. The (teeny tiny minuscule) down side to this I didn't really know what to post about today. Having kids brings unexpected things on almost a daily basis and that is how I found my post topic for today.

So before getting Peanut up from her nap I made her a snack and put it at her highchair. She sat and ate for a while then got down, and got another plate. A minute later she brought me this.
Half of her apple slices and part of her whole wheat roll. She did the arranging herself too. She's 2! How in the world did my 2 year old come to think of this? And how sweet is she? Moments like this are when it makes you really think, 'I think I'm doing good by you.' Moments like this you know why you're a mommy.

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