Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Potpouri Christmas ornament... a photoless tutorial

     One Christmas when I was in grade school we made these little ornaments out of paper tubes. This was over 18 years ago and my mom still has the one I made!
     I did have pictures but somewhere along the line they ran away!! They are really easy though so lets see how this goes.

You'll need:
1  paper tube
2inchx 4 inch Festive fabric scrap
3 inch x 3 inch Lace scrap
Hot glue gun
2 tablespoons of Potpouri

Step one: Cut the paper tube in half (about two inches long)
Step two: Cover the tube with the festive fabric using hot glue. Trim the edge so it's nice and evenly covered.
Step three: Cut out 2 circles from the lace large enough to overlap the edges of the tube.
Step four: Glue one circle to one end of the tube.
Step five: Fill with Potpouri.
Step six: Glue second lace circle to open end.
Step seven: Tie string around the center of the tube. Tie the ends of the tails to make a hanger and voila, done!

PS I'll take more picture tonight after Doodle Bug's concert!

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