Friday, June 17, 2011

June grocery budget

               This month I'm shopping a little different. Last month I shopped every week (or so). This month I'm trying to shop for more at a time and go to the store(s) less. So far this month I've spent 288.13. Pretty close to my budget limit but I've got a freezer full of food, a stocked pantry and about 2 weeks of food coming from Angel food. Speaking of Angel food, I don't get to pick that order up until the 25th. It'll go well into July but since I paid for it in June that the month I'm including it for. Also I'm a bit closer to budget than usual at this point because I bought *luxury* stuff for Hubby to grill on Father's day. (His idea, not mine! He just really likes to grill!)
               The remaining 11.87 will end up on milk most likely. ( We get milk for 2.19 a gallon so 2.19*5=10.95 and that about how much milk we use in half a month) So pretty close to perfect! Yeah!
I've spent:
$141.95 at Aldi's
$30.18 at the Meat Market
$116 Angel food

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