Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewing? I do that... don't I?

               Usually I sew without really thinking about it. I just sit down, think of what I want to create and off I go. But for some odd reason, now that I need to sew to make money, I can't! I am by no means short on supplies. It doesn't even have to be sewing, I can't seem to MAKE anything but dinner right now! I did manage to make Hubby some chocolate chip cookies for his birthday yesterday since he likes cookies better than cake though. I do wonder if I ran out of ideas or just don't have enough confidence in the things I make. Even though everyone always loves them I always doubt my skills. I just need inspiration... where to find insipration... I could make something to do with ducks!
              Speaking of ducks, here's Lucky! I can't believe how he's doubled in size. He used to be able to sit in my hand, now he needs both of them!

               We did however make it to the beach on Friday. It was really nice to just go and play and not worry about anything!

               So, I may not be sewing but I'm enjoying having my boy home for the summer!

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