Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sewing to sew

First ever thing I've listed on Etsy! For sale right now!
               Unfortunately I'm a people pleaser by nature. I will do what I think people want until I don't remember what I was trying for in the first place. This causes me to lose focus. I'm really talking about my sewing and crafting right now. I'm always scouring the blogs to see what things people like and make and purchase. But in doing this I forget to just make things from the heart. If I make things that are too close to other things that are already out there it's pointless. They won't want the same things they can get somewhere else. When people buy handmade items they are looking for unique, not the same old things they've seen everywhere else! So why should it matter what anyone else is doing or what colors or patterns or whatever they are using? I'm not a "follow the rules" seamstress anyway! I don't generally use commercially sold patterns, I barely ever use straight pins, I sew bias tape wrong (I think), and I don't measure unless it really needs it.
               To lift my sewing block I need to just do my thing. After all that's what people like about my stuff, right? My mom loves her purple patchwork purse, Doodle Bug's teacher loves her sunflower bag and over-the-shoulder water bottle holder. Peanut still loves the kitty I made her for her first birthday. Doodle Bug still loves his pants and multiple crayon, pencil and marker holders. So I just need to get up, shake it off, and sew!

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