Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tooth Fairy pillow

               Doodle Bug lost another tooth yesterday. Unfortunately we also lost his original tooth holder. No worries, Super Mommy to the rescue! The old one was made of super sturdy craft felt and I really like it. I will find it one day, probably stuck into a sock or somewhere else just as strange! This time I let Doodle Bug design it. He wanted a little tooth shaped pillow on a pillow. I did my best to oblige. I added a hanging handle as well though for ease of access. This is what we ended up with.

This is how we did it.
Make a tooth template

Trace template onto felt scrape

Cut out tooth

Stitch tooth dimension then stitch tooth to fabric scrap (leave top open though to stick your tooth in!)

Fold in half, sew edge and bottom, flip right side out

Stuff pillow with small amount of poly fill and stuff a little into the bottom of the tooth

Baste the top closed

Sew on a bit of bias tape

Make a handle with bias tape
There you have it, a tooth fairy pillow made from scraps! Enjoy your tooth-less wonder and sleep tight!

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