Friday, February 4, 2011

Life happens...

Especially when you have a school aged child! I had planned on last night being a sewing/tutorial writing night but instead I spent it studying spelling words and charged with a surprise task. Most of the time I'm pretty well informed about everything going on a school. And usually I'm at the school for their celebrations and such but I haven't been able to do very much with the 100th Day of School Celebration. So when Doodle Bug came home from school yesterday with a note saying he needed a costume for today, I was taken off guard! I had to make him either 100 years old, someone who lived 100 ago, or someone who lives 100 in the future (think Jetson's or StarTrek the note said). So with what I had on hand I decided I would make him a Jetson's character.

I was going to make him Elroy but didn't have green fabric so I choose navy blue thinking he could be one of Elroy's school mates. Once I got the overall part done and tried it on Doodle Bug it really lent it's self in the other direction... so was born my new costume concept "1911 Farm Boy"!

It works because he didn't really get into the Jetson's idea, but likes have 'dirt' on his face!

So I will try again over the weekend to get that planned sewing project and tutorial done. Hey, I'll get it done one day, right?

And one more, just because I'm excited!And I had to make it "old"!
See you Monday!

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