Friday, February 25, 2011


          In general this blog is about my life and making it a happy one by living simply. Not today. Today I'm preaching awareness. Child abuse awareness. As many of you know I live in South Florida. I'm not sure if it's made it to national news or not but our news stations have been continually covering a horrific case of child abuse and neglect. I won't go into too much of my own description but you can read about it here. (There are a lot of links with a lot of information but I do encourage you to read.)
          Long story short, these children were neglected and abused. One ends up dead and one severely burned with chemicals.
          This little girl and her brother were adopted. Meaning the Department of Children and Families said these people are fit to be parents! How is it that adoptive parents are so looked into but this is what they do to children? Why did they want the twins? To torture them? As a status symbol? I can't find it in my heart to say these people had any good in them at all. One of their neighbors even said he didn't even know any children lived there. 
          Also the Department was notified of possible abuse and didn't act immediately. Instead waiting too long and letting this little girl meet such a fate. There is some say that people knew of the abuse and didn't do anything about it. So if the department acts so slowly and people are to afraid to say anything, how do these little voices speak? 
          Children are innocent. It's everyone responsibility to make sure they stay that way. Speak up, speak out, let it be known. Save our children.
          For Nubia there was no help and that just shouldn't happen. 

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