Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So, my Mom wants to be a mermaid...

          So, yeah, you read that right. My Mom wants to be a mermaid... for Carnival (Cozumel, Mexico's annual Mardis Gras that is held around February every year). She spends as much time on the island as her life will allow and in general blends with the locals. But anyway, I've been charged with costume construction. So last weekend we head out to the fabric store and she bought these.
to start making this. (the adult one shown in peach, of course!)
Peanut also fell in love with it.
So there will probably be a toddler version sometime too!

Either way, stay tuned for this construction! I don't usually use factory made patterns so it's a big switch for me. Let's see what I can turn out together!

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