Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I got my mom's Carnival costume ready just in time. She hopped her plane this morning, with her pretty purple costume tucked away neatly in her luggage. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. Not being a commercial pattern user I was unsure of how well the whole thing would turn out. I did however base it loosely on their instructions. Well actually I just used the tail pattern part and did the rest my own way, it saves so many steps! Here it is, the third thing I've ever made using a commercial pattern!

I had planned to post this today and was so excited about that! However I forgot to take my own pictures before sending it off with my mom so these pictures are courtesy of her at 1 in the morning while she packed for her trip!

Now that I'm done with the mermaid, I have to de-glitter my living room and get back to other random projects to share with you all!

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