Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogging it all & a mini tutorial-giving container upcycle

               After my post on Wednesday about just blogging to blog I made myself think. I think too much! I read all these blogs where people just blog about whatever happens in their daily life. I, on the other hand, censor myself! Why? I don't know why! So my new goal is to just blog what is going on now. It doesn't have to mean anything. It doesn't have to be a new tutorial. It just has to be natural. So here goes.
               This week I've made a considerable dent in my project pile. Actually, it's gone! Woo hoo! Now I have to do some new projects to get my fabric stash down. In the past two weeks I've made an apron for me, one for Peanut, two dresses for Peanut, a wetbag for Doodle Bug's swim lessons, a shirt for my nephew's Dora, Spiderman curtain for my nephew's room, a Super Hero set for Doodle Bug, and a large set of reusable produce bags.
               I was also able to make a sewing machine cover last night.
               I am going to make a small baby quilt for my step sister who is expecting her first baby! I'm so excited for her, also I love babies! I just wish her dad (my step dad) could still be here to see this. He loved my kids and I know he would have been ecstatic for his first biological grand baby. Anyway, I have a few flannel fabrics that I bought thinking they were so cute but not knowing what to do with them. So now they have a perfect destination. Pictures coming soon!
                 After making the sewing machine cover I got to a quick project I had come up with while making a cup of coffee.
               You probably have something in your cabinets like this, right?
               Of course you do! So don't trash it, use it! It's really simple to cover with some colored paper and re-purpose it. This one is destine to become a giving container to hold a gift for Doodle Bug's birthday.
               It was really easy. (Clean out the container of any crumbs or powdery stuff of course!) Just measure the space between the two rolled parts of the container and cut a piece of pretty paper that height and make sure it'll wrap all the way around the container.
               Glue the paper around the container. I used Mod Podge and it worked so much better than regular glue!
               Now if you used a nice patterned paper you can lave it at that but I used a plain blue cardstock so I thought a little personalization would be nice.
               I used some foam stickers to put his name on and added a few of Transformer stickers.
               There you have it! A nice new life for something you would have thrown out! I really do love this because not only did I re-use something but it also saves from wrapping paper being thrown out! Bonus!

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