Monday, March 28, 2011

Where do you get your recipes?

               You see this book? This poor, very well used, falling apart, 32 year old book?

               I retrieved it from a garage that had been used for storage for I don't know how long. It smelled musty and looks like it could crumble in your hands. But it is my favorite! It has all of these amazing recipes that are reminiscent of the time it comes from. It was written with women who where not intending to spend all of their time in the kitchen. All of the recipes I've used are easy and quick, taking less than an hour usually. One line in it states, " complement the way you live today and want to live tomorrow." Awesome! It then goes on to say, "We know your days are fuller. You're more time-conscious, energy-conscious, dollar-conscious. In every area you demand quality and reliability. And more than ever you're concerned about nutrition."
               It's amazing to me how this ideal has survived in only a portion of American's. It used to be there were home cooked meals every day. This is how we used to live, and how I intend to rasie my family.
               My hubby on the other hand, is addicted to YouTube. Want to know something? Anything? Hubby will look you straight in the face and tell you, "YouTube it!" *sign* No, honey, no. I'll pick up a book. Thanks, though.
               I also have my own recipes. The best one's I remember growing up with. As well as the one I created called Potato Chip Pie that is very yummy. There was a cook book my mom gave both my sister and I but I lost mine to water damage a few years back. It was Better Homes and Gardens Issue 12. I still need to get another copy of it because it had some amazing recipes as well. So, how about you? Where do you get most of your (non-family) recipes?

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