Friday, March 11, 2011

Crap, I did it again!

          Doodle Bug will be turning 6 on the April 2nd. Since December I've been getting things together here and there. I got a toy on clearance after Christmas, found him some Bakugan things on clearance, bought him a lot of books on eBay, as well as two different sheets for his "new" bunk bed. (PS, when I asked him what kind of sheets he wanted he said "Lightning McQueen and Spider Man for A***." He wants his best friend to spend the night and Spider Man is his favorite character while Doodle Bug's favorite is Lightning.) Asking him two dozen times what kind of birthday he wants to which he consistently answers, "Transformers!" So I also got his plates and napkins in Transformers theme, then got blue and black crepe paper and some Transformers stickers.
          So after all of that I thought, "Okay, I'm almost all set." No. No, I'm not. I spaced on the things I needed to make for him. Like the fact that I need to turn one of the flat sheets in each set into a fitted sheet. And the super hero cape and mask he asked me for after Christmas. This isn't a really a big problem. I can do those fairly easily. The problem comes in when I realize Doodle Bug is off for Spring break starting tomorrow. He'll be home for the next 9 days, which I'm totally stoked about and have tons planned to do with him! So I can't do any of his birthday crafting until he goes back on the 20th. Yeah, I know you're probably saying, "So what? You still have two weeks after he goes back, just do it then." To which I would reply, "Shut up, I'm just mad because I thought I was ahead, but I'm actually behind. Again. I always plan to get ahead and it usually doesn't happen." For Christmas I was done with everything except the day-of-cooking a week ahead. I still hold out hope that I can get the sheets and super hero set done by the 25th though. I can do it. Right? Just nod and say yes.

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