Friday, March 4, 2011

Who knew? I didn't know!

          Happy Friday all! Hey, did you know March is National Craft Month? Yeah, me either! Well at least not until last night's episode of Jeopardy. So in light of the fact that we are now in the midst of National Craft Month, I hope to get back to my regular crafting. Also check this site out for a great resource list of Learn How To *Enter your choice of craft here*. I'm not quite sure what happened in February. Maybe the fact that it was so busy for us or the fact that I had a big project charged to me or that I hung out with my mom so much. Either way, I had a big fat fail month craft wise! I also didn't get the time to enter a big contest I was excited about, but oh well! March is a new month, and I'm back on track now.
          On Monday I will have a new project for you. Also I've got a project in mind that I've slowly been gathering supplies for. For those of you who actually do check in, things are about to get good so hang out, grab a cup of coffee and lets get busy crafting for this our month of CRAFTING!
          Now just for the heck of it check out a little bit of our crazy life!
Peanut's nap time. She took the drawer out of her dresser, emptied it and this is how I found her!
I love that my children are this civil! And this is actually not too rare, it's just rare that I grab the camera in time... or even want to disturb the cuteness!
And lastly, does anyone else have a cat that does this? Both of our kitties sleep and relax like this. All of the cats Hubby and I have ever had do this. But growing up none of the 50+ cats we had did this, and neither of my mom's do either.
See you Monday, fellow Happiness Makers!

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