Wednesday, March 23, 2011


               Blog block- When you should be typing away letting your thoughts flow onto the screen but they just won't come out in a reasonable order.
               There are so many everyday things flying around in my head right now; finances, book fair, picture day, Doodle Bug's birthday, de-stashing fabric, new baby niece or nephew on the way to sew for, the pile of projects I've been working down, upcoming swim lessons, listing things in my Etsy shop... And the list goes on and on! I probably started today's post half a dozen times with different subjects each time.
               How do some bloggers come up with something new every single day? Sometimes more than one a day too! And it always seems interesting. When I sit down to blog I always think, Who is reading this? Is anyone reading this? Should I push to get more followers? How do I even find people who want to read about my boring life? But then after all of that I usually say "Screw it all!" and blog whatever I want to anyway. For one simple fact, I like to feel heard, and it's cheaper than seeing a shrink! See y'all Friday!

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