Friday, May 20, 2011


My favorite spot

               Meet Ducky-Lucky, or Lucky as I call him. (PS, not even sure if it's a boy or girl, we just assume boy, not sure why...) He was rejected my Mama Duck after he was picked up and played with by a dog. He was cold and stunned and alone. He couldn't stand up and Mama had to take care of the other 4 she has. She is still close by but won't take him back. He's at home here with me now. He's a cuddly little thing actually. While I was at the school today Hubby text me telling me he's a noisy thing! But, and here is the cool thing, he stops when I hold him or even look at him! He has already learned that he can peck the side of his box and I'll come check on him. His home is here for now, we'll see what happens as it happens.
"Really? A Moose? Your giving me a Moose?!"

"Ah, well, I guess he's not so bad."

"This is great though! I like this."

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