Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Their trash, our treasures!

               There are not a lot of things that I really like about the city but Bulk Trash pick up is one of those things. I didn't know what Bulk trash pick up even exsisted until we moved back to Florida the end of 2009. I've been a Dumpster Diver, Curb Collector and Treasure hunter for my whole adult life and some as a minor actually. Bulk pickup makes it easier for me now though! Around the 15th of every month all of the things that are too big or too much to go out with the regular trash ends up on the curbs for weirdos like me and my family to drive by and if we see something interesting we get out and take a look and maybe a little dig! This month has been pretty good for us actually. Hubby found himself a cabinet to hold his model cars, a shelving unit for his work area, a fan, and an oil burner. Doodle Bug even found himself a baseball picture frame, some shiny silver wrapping paper and a tire for his toy trucks! I got these!

               There are 4 light wood frames, 1 cherry colored frame, 1 white frame, a clear glass frame, a Disney Wild Kingdom frame, a camera tripod and cute as heck felt lined box (marked at $19.99 on a sticker on the bottom). Some of the frames are missing glass but I'll use them in craft projects. The backs for 5 of them are on the back porch drying to see if I can salvage them, if not oh well, I'll make something for or with them!!

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