Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My brand new $0.50 Dry Erase Board

               On a recent trip to the Dollar store I found this frame tossed into the clearance bin. It was originally $2, but I got it for 50 cents! I wasn't sure if I was going to leave it as is with the distressed look or paint it. So once I figured out I was going to make it into a dry erase board I let Doodle Bug decide.
He decided on red.
We did two coats of red acrylic paint.
We distressed it again because the paint was still see through and I knew it would get scratched and scuffed anyway.
I cut a few colors of card stock to fit the frame and stuck them all in behind the plexiglass. That way we can change the color as we like. I have some plastic that I'm going to cut to put in there later tonight so it will be kid safe.
So there you have my $0.50 dry erase board!
Doodle Bug was pleased with the result as well! Here he  was showing me it made him happy and he drew me and him with hugs and kisses! How cute is he?

I put the plastic in and it works so much better than a cheap glass that was in the frame originally. The plastic I used was from a big frame I got from Wal Mart awhile back. It was a poster frame with a cheapy, flimsy frame and cardboard backing. The plastic is covered with a protective film when you buy it and it's fairly thin, but durable. I am able to cut it with a couple runs of my rotary cutter. I've used it for other kid friendly projects in the past and it really does stand up to them. (And Peanut is rough on things!)
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